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Oops Bags

Oops Bags

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Each oops bag contains 10 sticker sheets. There are 4 options to choose from:

- Foiled Kit Oops (contains mainly partial kits and a few foiled functionals)
- Kit Oops (contains NON FOILED partial kits and a few functionals)
- Functional Oops (contains mainly foiled and non-foiled functionals)
- Hexagon Oops (contains only foiled hexagon stickers)

I try to include as many sheets as I can to form a complete kit, so that you can use them in a weekly spread for the foiled kit oops option. 

Flaws can be:
- imperfect cuts, but most are still usable
- print quality isn't perfect or what I wanted them to be
- missing stickers
- random marks on stickers
- discontinued stickers
- old format

*There is a possibility that you may receive duplicates if you purchase two ore more oops bags.
*Due to the nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds. Please be aware before ordering that these stickers are misfits!